About US

About Us


Provides various Professional, Scientific, and Technical services. This includes significant ambitions and plans in Software Development. Brilliance is our passion and breakthroughs are our endeavors. Through our services you can propel your status leaps ahead of the competition.

Driving Innovation

Core Values

  • ⦿ Always do the right thing to solve the customer’s problem.
  • ⦿ Perform all work with the highest level of excellence in mind.
  • ⦿ Consider honesty as the key to a business’s trustworthiness and integrity.

What brought ESD to this great endeavor

Logan Formicola

Founder/CEO | Draftsman | Website Designer
Logan serves all executive functions in ESD and has a fluent background in technology along with strong leadership skills. This allows Logan to properly manage team members and rally support when needed for specific company tasks. Logan is highly ingenuitive and ambitious.

Muhammad Yasir

Civil Engineer | Calc III certified Mathematician
Muhammad is a highly skilled Civil Engineer with a strength in Physics and Mathematics. Muhammad is able to ascertain any problem and solve it mathematically. Muhammad is also highly diligent and strives to bring the best work forward. This brings great benefit to ESD.

Michelle Kay Delgado

Website Designer | Logo Design | Graphic Design
Michelle has been a vital asset in delivering some of the most sophisticated yet practical website designs. Michelle also assists in graphic design. Michelle has great interpersonal skill sets as well. Michelle also shows much enthusiasm in learning new skill sets.
ESD VR learning App Logo

ESD VR Learning App

Defining New Horizons
The upcoming ESD VR Learning app is set to Pioneer new horizons both in graphical fidelity and social interaction.

Tech Community

Innovation | Unity | Progress
A major goal of ESD is to act as a beacon to unite and spark innovation in the tech, crypto, and cyber communities.

Prince Kevin Pa-a

Mechanical Engineer | Technical Analysis
Kevin is a highly skilled Mechanical Engineer with a keen analysis skill set. Kevin is able to deduce the proper applicational and mathematical information for technical drafts and blueprints. This allows a full stack evaluation of all work if needed beyond standard parameters.