Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Eagle Star Dynamics?

Eagle Star Dynamics is a cutting edge drafting company with aims to aid in the rapid progression of technology in several key sectors.

Q. How can I purchase drafts?

Drafting services may be purchased with high security via Paypal, Credit Card, or Cryptocurrency(additional options to be added soon).

Q. What assurances do I have that drafts will meet specification?

All drafts will be custom catered to the clients specific needs and only excellence will be accepted during the technical process of each draft. If the drafts you purchase do not meet specification then up to 3 revisions can be made. Progress updates will be given.

Q. What if I order a draft and I am still not satisfied after all the revisions are made?

If you order a draft and are still not satisfied with the final work after all revisions then a complete refund will be made.

Q. What sectors can I purchase drafting services under?

Drafting services may be purchased under the sectors of Renewable Energy, Aviation, Propulsion, Hydropower, Aerospace, and Medical Devices. 

What is the time frame for each sector from start to finish?

-Renewable Energy: 4-6 weeks
-Propulsion: 4-6 weeks
-Aerospace : 6-7 weeks
-Aviation: 6-8 weeks
-Hydropower: 6-7 weeks
-Medical Devices: 6-8 weeks

May I purchase a prioritization or rush delivery of the drafting service?

Yes, a rush delivery and prioritization of the drafting service may be purchased. Quality assurance will be maintained and regular updates on progress will be given.

How much more quickly will the Drafting service be completed if I purchase a rush delivery?

The drafting service will be completed approximately 2-3 weeks more quickly than the standard processing time at an additional 15% charge to the total cost.

Do you offer different tiers of drafting packages?

Yes, there are 3 tiers of packaging offered.
-Tier 1 includes a full concept and final Draft
-Tier 2 includes a full concept, final draft, and qualitative analysis of the draft at hand including recommended dimensions, metallurgy, materials, rpm, ohms, voltages, wattage etc wherever applicable on the work at hand to best move your aims forward be it personal or company based.
-Tier 3 includes a full concept, final draft, qualitative analysis including recommended dimensions, metallurgy, materials, rpms, ohms, voltages, wattage, etc where applicable. Tier 3 also includes third party consultation and evaluation as well as cutting edge 3D CAD. Tier 3 entails a higher price as a result.

What is the cost of the drafting services?

Drafting Service costs vary depending on the field. Aviation and Aerospace are more expensive due to the extra processes and work involved. Tier 1 is $75,000, Tier 2 is $220,000 and Tier 3 is $350,000. Contact for any custom project first as prices will vary somewhat depending on the request. If satisfaction is not found then multiple revisions or a full refund will be made.