Body Armor interwoven into Business Suits

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The suits provided by ESD are handmade and are of the finest quality including materials such as Cashmere and Silk. High quality Kevlar inserts can be interwoven into the business suit for a comfortable and wearable feel with the added protection of quality Kevlar. This gives a blanket of comfortable security in today’s increasingly chaotic world.

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Black, Grey, Blue, Beige


32R, 32L, 34R, 34L, 36R, 36L, 38R, 38T, 40R, 40L, 42R, 42L, 44R, 44L, 46R, 46L, 48R, 50R, 52R, 52L, 54R, 54L


Loose Fit, Regular Fit, Slim Fit

Kevlar Types

Partial Cover lvl2, Full Cover lvl 2, Partial Cover lvl 3, Full Cover lvl 3, Non-Kevlar